A Garden for Global Warming

Wow, but the times are changing! No measurable rain has touched the soil of my garden for weeks and weeks. The sun bakes down, its light glinting off upturned leaves and even sneaking into the hidden corners. While the lawn withers to a pale gold, the vegetables stay green only by the grace of regular watering by hand and by sprinkler.

All this sunshine and heat has the corn in an ecstasy of growth. I look out over the land and wonder if it’s too soon in this cycle of Climate Change to plant some tropical delicacies. Of course, it is. Winter, when it comes, will freeze the vulnerable. Still, the heat has brought on hallucinations, and I imagine an orange tree next to my blueberry bush. Watermelon vines might like the area near the pumpkins. Thus I dream of my globally-warmed garden of the future.

Then I think, “OK, oranges and watermelons are good, but what about something more exotic? Surely there are amazing fruits and vegetables out there that I’ve never hear of. Would I like them?”

Some investigation is needed. I begin by questioning the edibility of the tamamoro:

 Weird Food Taste Test


6 thoughts on “A Garden for Global Warming

  1. Kathryn says:

    Reading your stories is always a treat for me. Thank you 🙂

    In Costa Rica we call the Tamamoro “tomate de palo” or tree tomato for its resemblance. I love it! ..and buy it at the farmers market when I see it, but that is not always.

    The Tamamoro sliced on top of a green salad is heavenly!!

    Best wishes,

  2. I’m sure if there are dentists reading this, they are excited at the prospect of new customers with broken teeth. Those seeds sounded like they hurt. I think I’ll just try the whipped cream on its own.

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